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A map of the A’s game for Sunday

Thursday 9/4/14
Every min on the min for 8 min:
6 kipping or 3 strict handstand pushups
*Instead of using a box do seated DB press
**add a slight deficit if those numbers a very easy for you
Front squat
3×5@75%(5 second pause on 1st and 5th rep)
5 rounds:
2 min:
7 Muscle ups
Max reps wallballs (20/14)
rest 2 min between rounds
*goal is 150+wallballs

You’re not getting stronger because you dont know how to move 

We are extending the time limit for shirts and socks to Wednesday the 10th. Sample shirts will be here tomorrow. As usual they are made of 25% cotton 25% polyester 10% unicorn hair 10% snake skin and 30% Mithril. They are pre pre pre pre shrunk and they fit loose but not too loose and tight but not too tight. The tank top strap width is 2.58586849958 inches and the length of it is 33.443435539953 and 1/1000000 inches………..

For those of you going to the A’s game. The tickets got messed up in the mail so we have to pick them up at will. Margie is in charge of that so you can get your ticket and shirt voucher from her. Plan on meeting at the pregame WOD.

Here is the info I recieved today for the special CrossFit WOD that will take place before.

2014 CrossFit Day Operational Agenda (September 7th)
Parking gates open at 9:00 AM.
Pregame competition in A Lot runs from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Mens’ heat begins at approximately 10:45 AM
Womens’ heat begins at approximately 11:15 AM
Winners are announced at 11:45 AM
T-Shirts are handed out on the ramp behind Section 113 to everyone with a CrossFit Day t-shirt voucher
Oakland A’s vs. Houston Astros game starts at 1:05 PM
· Parking Map is below that highlights the CrossFit Day Area.
· We recommend parking in Lot A via 66th Ave. for easy access to pregame event.

Lassssssst announcement. I am leaving this morning for Hawaii for vacation. Joe will be doing a majority of the classes so please be nice to him, especially the early am crew. Ask him what a thruster is….a lot….


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