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52 Weeks later, French Laundry part deux


52 Weeks later, French Laundry part deux

Tuesday 3/`6/21

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“52 Weeks later. French Laundry part deux”
Happy 1 YEAR……anniversary of the shutdown and “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. Its been insane to say the absolute least. Todays WOD will be like the original French Laundry WOD. You don’t know what’s coming and how many. The only hint you get is that there will be RUNNING OUTSIDE. Good luck

 gyms in Contra Costa county are officially allowed to be open inside at 10% capacity. According to last time that was 22.4 people. We are sticking to 14 people per class for now and will increase as we can. Each person has a 10×7 box, including the space behind them on the grass or under the rig. At least 30 min between classes to minimize crossing between classes and giving time for the coaches to clean all the touchable surfaces for the next class. We will continue to use the booking system on mind body. Reminder, classes open up at might night a week ahead of time. So midnight tonight you will be able to book next Sundays classes. 5:30am is the only class that you have to be ON IT to get in on time.

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