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2009 elite


2009 elite


Sunday 10/23/16

Snatch balance 3×3
Tall snatch 3×3
*with bar or light weight
Establish a 1RM snatch
*Power or full snatch
CrossFit games 09 “the couplet”
3 rounds for time:
30 wallballs (20/14)(10 foot target for everyone)
30 Hang squat snatch (75/45)
*bar must travel below the knee on each rep

Barbells for boobs is next Sunday. There will be no regular class during B4B. So get your WOD on and sign up for a heat with a partner. If you are looking for someone to do it with please let us know and we will find one for you

Can you beat the 09 athletes. FYI this workout DESTROYED everyone back then, everyone at the games today would do this unbroken and walk right through it. Pretty cool to think about 

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