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2 weeks left………………………………


2 weeks left………………………………

Monday 3/23/20
Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds
12 Alternating jumping lunges or 12 Russian KB swings + 100ft odd object carry
*Ideally this is done with a 150/100 sand bag or 2 heavy KBs in the front rack. If you don’t have that and have not built a DIY sand bag yet, DO IT TODAY! If you have no equipment at all then do 12 lunges then a 45 second wall sit
Against a 30 min clock
1 min: 10/7 Calories (10 burpees if you have no cardio+ max reps power cleans (155/105) or sandbag over shoulder
1 min: rest
*If you have the cardio equipment then do 10/7 calories each min as a buy in. If not you can do 10 burpees/100m run/50 double unders.
*Here is what I want you to do the reminder of each min for max reps depending on your equipment
Barbell=heavish power clean
Sandbag= sandbag clean
2 DBs=power cleans touching the ground each rep
1 DB= alt arm snatch
KB=single arm clean and jerk
Weight plate=plate ground to overhead
0 equipment= ab complex (Alt leg V-up L + alt leg v-up R + V-up = 1)

DV45 (Booty pump Monday)
EMOM 10 min:
20 sec wall sit + 20 alternating jumping lunges
Rest 2 min
am rap
AMRAP 7 min
Run 200m or 20/15 calories or 15 burpees
100 Air squats
Run 200m or 20/15 calories or 15 burpees
Max reps jumping air squats
Rest 3 min
AMRAP 7 min
Barbell/kb/db deadlift
barbell/kb/db front rack lunge
*Every time you put weights down complete 5 burpees
*Pick a light weight
Rest 3 min
Lunge 200m for time
*wear a vest if you have one

CrossFit Preteens

5 rounds
20 seconds wallsit
10 second rest
20 second plank hold
10 second rest
For 10 min:
30 seconds max reps see the light situps
30 seconds rest
*See the light sit up= lay on back with legs straight. Get a light weight, 5-10 pounds, a heavy book or toy or jug of water would work if no weight plates. Sit up and press weight overhead until perpendicular to ground. Then lay back down with weight on chest. Do that as many times possible n 30 seconds
AMRAP 15 min:
Mountain climbers
Lateral jumps over sometime 6inches high
*5 30ft shuttle runs after each round

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