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14.2 here we go


14.2 here we go


Overhead squats here we come. Dont get no repped on your depth!

Friday 3/7/14
Alternating tabata
Double unders
Hook grip holds
*50 burpee penalty for not using hook grip
Overhead squat
*Increase weight with each set
In teams of 2 for time:
100 Deadlifts (100/65)
80 Hang power clean
60 Front squat
40 Push jerks
20 Thrusters
*15 min time limit

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Here is the sign up sheet for the heats this weekend!CLICK RIGHT HERE IF YOU NEED TO SIGN UP FOR A HEAT!!!! In case you forgot, Diane Fu is coming back this Sunday for part 2 of here weightlifting seminars. We will start heats for 14.2 at 1:20 this Sunday 

Here’s everything you need to know about 14.2! Make sure you get in that squat and open up those hips!!!!

Fun starts at 27:20

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