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$12,000=Super Grace


$12,000=Super Grace


Are you tough enough to throwdown with the 5:30am crew??? The application process is tough

Saturday 10/19/13

Every 3 min for 12 min:
Run 400m
Establish a 5rm touch and go power clean and jerk
“Lift up luke”
AMRAP 5 min:
4 Power clean (155/105)
24 Double unders
10 Pullups

SCHEDULE UPDATE: There will be no yoga this Sunday due to barbells 4 boobs. Naomi will be offering a make up class tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:15 for anyone interested. Also we are canceling both the 8:30 and 9:30am classes on Sunday for B4B. If you want to get a workout in donate to the cause and do a couple clean and jerks!

Lift up Luke

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Barbells for boobs is this Sunday and we are doing awesome! We are a couple hundred away from $10,000. If we can put in a final push and get 12g’s you can watch us suffer again. Joe and I will do “Super Grace” which is at 225# instead of the regular RX of 135#, obviously that is a very tall feat but we discussed it and we both love boobs so much we want to raise as much money as possible…..Donate now!

Can you take these guys down???

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